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We were surprised and honoured to recently be honoured for the Avis A-List Budget Travel Blog competition. At we like to write about a variety of subjets – from tour reviews, to 24 hour city guides, and outdoor adventure travel – but throughout all these categories we always try to focus on budget travel. Because we all want to get the biggest bang for our buck as possible… right?

We have written several budget guides to countries, as well as had some excellent guest post submission as well. We have also written a few advice posts about saving money for travel as well (which is really half the battle!). But even in our other posts, such as 24 hours in Canberra and 24 hours in Sydney, we try to direct readers to activities which will allow them to fully experience the place, while also saving a bit of cash in the process.

Pen and paper

And we hope you think we have been doing a good job!

So please, please, vote for us in the Best Budget Travel blog category – and help us get our message – that travel is achievable and affordable – out to even more people!

Just click on the badge below to vote for OurOyster!!

Avis A-list Travel Awards 2012 - Best Budget Travel Blog Nominee


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