Silverton – An Australian Ghost Town

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There is something about Ghost Towns which really strikes a chord with me. Towns which were once prosperous, where people once lived, worked, and loved – that are now empty and desolate. But what is even more interesting about Ghost Towns are the people who stay, despite all the odds.

I actually grew up in a Ghost Town. The town of Solsgirth Manitoba had half a mile of paved road, a community hall, and a post office in a local residents shed. Although the scenery around my Ghost Town was a lot different to the surrounds at Silverton.

Silverton was originally a booming silver mining town, but it was soon eclipsed by it’s nearby neighbour, Broken Hill. The town now has, according to the last census, 89 residents, and 2 donkeys. We drove to Silverton in our rental campervan, and spent the entire morning there.

The following photo essay offers a glimpse into yet another outback ghost town. (To see my first outback ghost town post – check out this post on Cook!)

The Silverton hotel pokes fun at it’s Ghost Town status

A lot of old cars litter the streets of Silverton… but they are not all junk….

The area around Silverton was used to film the movie series “Mad Max”, and many of these cars are replicas of one’s used in the film

Silverton Church

Silverton Church

The two resident donkeys

We drove to Silverton in our Spaceship campervan, who without their discount camper van rental, this post would not have been possible.
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  1. Natasha von Geldern (2 years ago)

    Wonderful photos and light! Ha the closet petrol head in me is digging those cars :) Congratulations on your circumnavigation of Australia Jade!!!!

    • OurOyster (2 years ago)

      Thanks!!! You definitely need to go to Silverton if you are in the NSW outback…. it’s such an interesting little town

  2. Abby (2 years ago)

    That looks awesome. I always find that ghost towns are just begging to be photographed, but I never seem to capture them right lol. Your photos are great!

    • OurOyster (2 years ago)

      Thanks Abby! I was lucky with the light that day

  3. Laurence (2 years ago)

    Silverton and nearby Broken Hill were my first encounter with real outback scenery as I had imagined it during my Oz trip. I absolutely loved it. And the pub was an awesome place too :) Great post!

    • OurOyster (2 years ago)

      Thanks! I’m really looking forward to Alice Springs though… now that to me is proper outback!

  4. Christy @ Technosyncratic (2 years ago)

    Whoa, you grew up in a ghost town? That’s so cool! Was it popular with tourists?

    • OurOyster (2 years ago)

      ahaha nope…. my ghost town was not popular with anything! lol

  5. The Travel Fool (2 years ago)

    Ghost towns are fun to poke around in. They can give you a snapshot of history. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the Mad Max car.

    • OurOyster (2 years ago)

      Those ones are just replicas…. but some of the originals are in the Mad Max museum which is nearby

  6. lissie (2 years ago)

    My first graduate job was in Broken Hill, I have many happy, but blurry, memories of the Silverton pub. I went back a few years ago, i.e. nearly 30 years later, and nothing had changed at the pub, though there is now a coffee shop which was new!

    • OurOyster (2 years ago)

      That’s awesome! What did you do in Broken Hill? It was super freezing when we were there, although you can’t tell it from the lighting in my photos. The pub was closed when we went :( but we spent a wonderful few hours just wandering around the town.

  7. Monica (2 years ago)

    It looks gorgeous but really creepy at the same time. I passed through a few ghost towns while I was driving my camervan through Oz but we never stayed too long. Way too creepy!

    • OurOyster (2 years ago)

      Creepy? i have never looked at it that way! I guess they are a bit, but in the bright sunlight like we had in Silverton it seemed pretty harmless

  8. Ayngelina (2 years ago)

    I had no idea Canada has ghost towns although it actually makes a lot of sense with some towns being so dependent on natural resources.

    • OurOyster (2 years ago)

      There are lots of ghost town in the Prairie provinces… but since tourism is so thin over here I guess a lot of people would not have heard of them

  9. Mary @ Green Global Travel (1 year ago)

    I always wondered where Mad Max was filmed. Silverton seems like the perfect location.

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      There is even a Mad Max museum located there – I should do another post on that, it was pretty quirky

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