Australia – Coogee To Bondi – Hiking In Sydney

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One of Sydney’s main attractions in the suburbs would have to be Bondi Beach. The reasons for this are clear. Bondi is a great surf beach, as well as swimming beach. Bondi is a safe beach, with an underwater shark net in use during the summer months. And Bondi is easily accessible by bus from the city centre.

For those looking for a more interesting (and active) Bondi experience, than look no further than the Coogee to Bondi coastal walk. This walk can be done in either direction, but we recommend walking it from Coogee beach to Bondi beach, as then you can end your walk with a pleasant swim, or a cold beer overlooking the beach at the Bondi Iceburgs Club.

Coogee To Bondi Hike

The Coogee to Bondi beach walk stretches for about 6 kilometres along the coast in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The walk takes about 2 hours to complete, but OurOyster recommends to make a day of it. Bring your swimwear and a picnic and enjoy some of the many beaches along the way.

The walk is not at all difficult. Any areas of the walk that are steeper, or which have staircases also offer frequent benches and seating where less fit walkers can take a break or just enjoy the views.

Coogee to Bondi walk

Coogee to Bondi walk – Coogee beach at the start of the walk

Getting There

Public buses 372, 373, and 374 all regularly depart from the Sydney Central Business District and terminate at Coogee beach.


The walk passes through five beaches during the 6 kilometre hike, and all beaches provide toilet facilities, picnic shelters and electric barbecues. You will also pass by several shops and cafe’s where you can grab yourself a snack, if you didn’t pack a picnic.

The Walk

The walk starts at Coogee beach, a small protected bay whose surrounding coastline is mainly made up of cliffs. The walk from Coogee beach to Clovelly beach contains a steep staircase, but if you are walking in this direction you will be going down the stairs instead of up. Those interested in snorkelling or diving can take a short break along the way at Gorden’s Bay, a popular snorkelling spot.

Clovelly beach is a small beach which is very popular with swimmers. It is also home to the world’s first surf life saving club. The walk from Clovelly beach to Bronte beach is one of the most picturesque parts of the walk. From here you will be rewarded with panoramic views over the suburb of Bronte, as well as a the pretty little Waverly cemetery. This part of the walk is characterized by a board walk with some areas of steps – but again, going this direction the steps will be mostly going down.

coogee to bondi walk

Coogee to Bondi walk – Waverly cemetery

Bronte beach is a rather rough beach, and much better suited for surfers than swimmers. There are, however, quite a few cute little cafe’s just across the road from the beach if you want to stop for a snack and a coffee. The walk from Bronte beach to Tamarama beach is probably the easiest section of the walk. The walk here is very level and the two beaches are only a few hundred metres apart.

Tamarama beach is a very small and quiet beach which is popular with swimmers and sunbathers. This is a good place to stop and catch some rays if you feel like taking a break. During the month of November, the walk from Tamarama beach to Bondi beach is transformed into an outdoor art gallery by sculpture by the sea. This exhibit sees over 100 sculptures exhibited along the walkway.

You have now reached the world famous Bondi beach. Enjoy the surf, go for a swim, or celebrate with a cold one at the famous Iceburg’s club.

Getting Away

To get back to the city, catch any 380 or 333 bus which is marked “circular quay.”

Coogee To Bondi Walk Map

bondi to coogee map

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Looking for accommodation in Sydney? We stayed at the Base Backpackers in Sydney. This hostel is located near by the bus stops that will take you to and from the Coogee to Bondi walk, as well as near a whole bunch of great restaurants to replenish your energy after your day of hiking. We used our Base Jumping cards to pay for our stay, which were provided complimentary by Base Backpackers, but all opinions remain our own.

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  1. Monica (1 year ago)

    This walk was my favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon. It’s so beautiful and relaxing.

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      Perfect for a picnic on the beach with a bottle of wine and a good friend :)

  2. Overseas Health Insurance (1 year ago)

    Wow! The pictures look amazing! And i’m sure that it’s a cool place to stroll around! The views of the ocean and breeze are refreshing and enjoyable on a nice day!

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      It was a bit too breezy for my taste on the day we were there – but then again – it was winter!

  3. D.J. - The World of Deej (1 year ago)

    Looks like a bit of a trek…but totally worth it!

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      It only took just under two hours – so not bad at all! It’s a nice way to enjoy an afternoon

  4. Kyle (1 year ago)

    One of my absolute favorite hikes. I actually use to run this path and back every morning when I lived in Sydney training for a marathon. So beautiful, it was a great way to wake up and be ready for any day.

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      That sounds like a great way to get in shape!! And the scenery would never get boring either!

  5. Jesse (1 year ago)

    Though there are only few nature trekking spot in Sydney since it’s more of a business and industrial city, the spots however are indeed most promising enough for those who want diversion when they stay in Sydney.

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      There is also the Royal National Park which is near by Sydney where you can do overnight walks as well

  6. Neil (1 year ago)

    Did this walk countless times and never got bored of it. Always stopped for a slush puppy in Bronte too. Great post!

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      Thanks! Next time I do it hopefully it will be warmer and more like Slushie weather!

  7. Laurel (1 year ago)

    Looks beautiful! When I think of Sydney, I don’t normally think of hiking, but I would love this.

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      It’s so close to the city centre as well which makes it even more wonderful

  8. Angela (1 year ago)

    I absolutely love walking, I can walk all day without problems, the cliff part looks a bit challenging, but the landscape is wonderful!

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      The walk actually wasn’t challenging at all – the steps are evenly spaced and there are plenty of benches. I hate hills and steps – and I found it pretty easy so Im sure you would too

  9. Tom @ ActiveBackpacker (1 year ago)

    Looks like a nice walk! I’m an Aussie and haven’t done it…but I much prefer Melbourne and Brisbane compared to Sydney :D

    Lovely piccies of the beach – I sure do miss them in when the weather turns bad here in The Netherlands!

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      I think you are the first person who said they prefer Brisbane over anything! awesome! I love Brisbane – it’s a good manageable size! But when you do make it to Sydney – you should definitely do this walk

  10. Sherry (1 year ago)

    When I travel, I tend to walk to most places, even if its miles away. I can’t imagine having better motivation that the ocean on one side to do some walking/hiking. I had no idea that Australia had such great waves, until I saw your photos.

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      If you are into surfing then Sydney is a great place – a lot of the beaches on that walk are fantastic for surfing and real close to the city centre! I’m no surfer though – but the walk was enough for me!

  11. Laurence (1 year ago)

    I loved hiking the coast around Sydney when I was there. Not something folks normally associate with Sydney either :)

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      Very true – but there are several great outdoorsey activities that you can do near sydney

  12. Michael (1 year ago)

    You know what I and my business associates will go to Australia next month for some business matter. We’re surely go to Bondi Beach to try surfing after. I thank you for this article which helped me find out what to do more there in Australia.

  13. Bobbi Lee Hitchon (1 year ago)

    Awesome hike, with some beautiful sights!! Thanks for sharing.

  14. prénom fille (1 year ago)

    Great post thank you for share this nice pictures. i will visit Sydney soon and i will visit all this beautiful places ^__^

  15. The CounterIntuitive (1 year ago)

    Agreed, it’s a great walk. Good recommendation. I did it in January and Tamarama Beach is a gem.

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      I would love to do it in the summer as well – we did it in winter and it was great, but still a little chilly at times

  16. Turtle (1 year ago)

    As a Sydneysider, I can confidently say this is one of the best things to do in the city and one of my favourite weekend activities!

    • OurOyster (1 year ago)

      I loved this walk so much – I would definitely do it again next time I am down for a weekend

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  19. Dan @ A Cruising Couple (1 year ago)

    What a great way to spend a day! Walking is by far one of my favorite ways to explore. Thanks for sharing!

  20. sanjeewa padmal travel blogger (1 year ago)

    I have been to opera house but never thought there is a possibility to do a trek.

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