Do’s and don’ts in the UK

By James Cook

The Uk is a tiny place, this should have made this article easier but alas, it would seem that despite its small stature the UK is chock full of must do things. SO if you will come with me now I shall attempt to guide you to what I consider the 5 must do things in the UK.

The Do’s


Dartmoor is an incredible wilderness that stretches across southern Devon. It has a multitude of hikes, each one offering something different. With a plethora of campgrounds, farm stays and pubs at which to rest your weary legs after a particularly long day. I first experienced Dartmoor during a hike that some friends and I participated in while we did the Duke of Edinburgh award.


No trip to the Uk is complete without a trip to London. It is the nerve centre of our quaint little country. Whilst there you should do the touristy things such as go to the Tate Modern, see Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and, the changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace.

3.Village pubs

Each and every village in the UK has a Pub (sometimes 2!). These pubs are amazing quirky local places to eat and drink. Unfortunately many are closing due to the fierce competition from big name wine bars and chain eateries. Pubs (along with tea) are the backbone of our nation and no one can say they have truly traveled to the UK without having a quick pint (or several) in one.


The UK plays host to many different festivals over the summer months. The most famous of these is Glastonbury a 3 day long music festival. A lot of these festivals are catered to a specific music genre. The Download festival, for example, is host to metal and rock music whereas Creamfields is all about Electro. No matter how diverse your music tastes are you will be sure to find one to suit you!

5.Strange traditions

The UK has many strange traditions my favorite being Cheese rolling. Every May in a sleepy village in Gloucestershire people gather to chase a 8lb wheel of cheese down a hill. The person who catches the cheese gets to keep it. Understandably every year there are some casualties in 2009 there were 18 casualties. 6 of these were spectators who fainted due to the sheer awesomeness of this race. Other strange traditions we have; Nettle eating, Toe wrestling and, Bog Snorkeling to name but a few.


Creative commons by Mike Warren


The Don’ts

1.Little chef

This is a chain of restaurants that is located at pretty much every motorway rest stop. Quite how they managed to stay this far into the 21st century is a wonder as they are all godawful. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Creative Commons by Ell Brown

2.Motorways in General

They are dull without anything interesting to look at for many hours. They have also made it possible for Little Chefs. Instead try to go by B-roads as you will pass through many interesting small towns and villages that would never normally get a look in from travellers..


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