Glimpses of Tonga


To be honest, we didn't have the best conditions when we were in Tonga. Most days, while dry and temperate, were overcast, so we didn't get the stunning sunrises and sunsets that we were hoping for. But despite that, we still got several photos which … [Read more...]

How to Drive in Tonga

rent a car in Tonga

You need to get a Tongan driving license to rent a car. How hard can it be? I mean, all you need to do is go down to the office, show your regular drivers license, pay a small fee and away you go. Simple... right? Getting a temporary Tongan drivers … [Read more...]

24 Hours in Nuku’alofa Tonga


As with most Pacific Islands, the capitol isn't where you will be spending the most of your time. But, like most Pacific Islands, it will be the place you fly into and probably one of the best places on the island to get your bearings and sort out … [Read more...]

How To: Eat In Tonga

ota ika

I love the food of the islands. Everything is fresh from the local land and the sea. Exotic fruit and vegetables. Fresh drinking coconuts. If you are visiting Tonga, one thing is for sure, you won't go hungry. The staples of Tongan cuisine … [Read more...]