Blog Roundup March 2012

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Blog Roundup March 2012

Due to my recent travels around the South Pacific (and not having many opportunities to use theinter), I have not been able to read many blogs this month. Which is really a shame because it is one of the things I enjoy doing before bed. :)

However, I did manage to complile a list of some of my favorites from earlier in the month when I had a bit better connectivity. I hope you enjoy some of my favourite blogs from this month!

Landlopers – 5 Travel Disasters And How To Deal With Them

This post is less about disasters and more a light hearted look at some of the “first world problems” that sometimes plague us when travelling… running out of Nutella…? Nooooo!


Go Backpacking – Travelling As An Archaeological Dig Volunteer

This post from Brooke of Brooke vs. The World is really inspiring… I love volunteering while travelling, but the concept of volunteering on an archaeological dig never crossed my mind. I am really seriously considering trying this now!

Vagabondish – Making The Cut – How To Uncover Your “Best of the Best” Travel Photos

This is something that all travellers face… with digital cameras, it is now way too easy to take hundreds of photos… but which ones should you keep? and which ones should you showcase to friends and family? This post offers some really great insight and tips.

Mark Horrell – 5 Off The Beaten Path Treks In Nepal

As an avid hiker and trekker, this post made me drool. I’m not sure if my fitness is up to scratch for trekking in Nepal just yet, but there is still time! This is a great guide for anyone considering travelling and hiking in Nepal.

The Daily SEO Blog – 12 Things That Will Kill Your Blog Post Every Time

I guess this is more of interest to other bloggers out there, but I found the tips really valuable and thought it necessary to share.


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  1. TracyAnn0312 (1 year ago)

    Looks like the round-up is so exciting. Hoping that I can also tour like what you have done here. Thank you for sharing it.