Blog Roundup January 2012

Our Favourite Blog Posts This Month!

2012 is the start of many new and exciting things here at, and one of those things is our new monthly feature of blog posts we LOVED. One of the best parts of travel blogging is the travel blogging community – so we wanted to share the love around.

So without further adieu, here are some of the blog posts that we couldn’t get enough of this month!

LandLopers – Travel Tips and Driving Itinerary for Australia’s Red Centre

I just loved this post! It is laid out so well, making planning of this sort of trip a lot easier. Even thought neither James nor I can drive, we still loved this post. And the photos are really stunning as well.



Landlopers – 48 Hours in Melbourne

Now I really didn’t want to feature the same blogger twice, but it would be criminal to not distribute this great information far and wide. Like Matt, I LOVE Melbourne. Although unlike Sydney, it’s a tougher tourist nut to crack. This post lays out so much information for Melbourne activities, you won’t even need a guidebook.


Katie Going Global РQuirky Vilnius -Republic of Uzupis 

Katie writes a great blog post about the cute little “Republic” in Vilnius (Lithuania). She reproduces their constitution which is posted in several langauges on the gates. My favorite is “everyone has the right to take care of the cat”. A nice, light hearted post for if you just need to smile!


Boarding Area – A Deltapoints guide to “churning” Delta Amex Cards and More

This guide is mostly applicable if you are American or Canadian – but if you are like me and LOVE free stuff, (and are responsible with credit cards), then check out this guide.



Uncornered Market – Bangladesh Travel Guide

When Daniel and Audrey of Uncornered Market state that Bangladesh isn’t usually on most people’s travel radar, I think they are absolutely right. Their great guide on Bangladesh will hopefully inspire people to add this country to their bucket lists.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations for this month! Do you have a favourite post you would like to share with us? Please post it in the comments!


  1. says

    Thanks so much for including our Bangladesh post in this month’s round up! I do hope that more people may consider travel to Bangladesh – it’s such a fascinating place.

    I’ve never been to Australia (but hope to change that this year), so I’m loving Matt’s posts from Australia.

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