Blog Roundup April 2012

My April blog post picks don’t really follow a theme this month…. the following blog roundup is a mish mash of some of the posts I either found the most informative, or the most entertaining (or both) from around the web.

April 2012 Blog Roundup

Traveldudes Р10 Tips To Help Get Sponsorship For Your Expedition Or Trip 

As travel bloggers start becoming more and more recognized as legitimate forces in the travel industry, companies will start becoming more receptive to partnerships.

When you are starting out though, asking a company for sponsorship can be a little bit nervewracking. This is a great guide for all bloggers out there looking for sponsorship deals.


Never Ending Voyage – Lessons Learned In Two Years As Digital Nomads

Want to escape the 9-5? Dream of being a digital nomad, and running yor own business from exotic locations around the globe? Get out there and live your dreams. There is no excuse. Need some inspiration? Check out this post.




Man On The Lam – 12 Mildly Disturbing Miniland Scenes From Legoland Florida

Are you one of those people who likes re watching children’s films and discovering some of the messed up and definitely not PG themes that are sometimes included? I think they do that so the parents don’t go completely insane. Which may also be the reason for these hilarious little additions at Legoland.





The Travel Chica – The Driest Place On The Planet Is Flooding

To be honest – I hadn’t even heard about the floods here. But to be fair, I was stuck in some floods of my own (of the Fijian variety).

I found it really amazing, as I was sitting with no water and power in Fiji, just how little the rest of the world knew of the destruction happening there. Which is why I want to feature this post about the flooding in Argentina.




Nomadic Samuel – Drug Bras

This is a guest post on Nomadic Samuel’s site, by Kimberly from Turbulent Tramp. Turblulent Tramp is a newly dicovered blog for me, which is always exciting as well.

This quirky and hilarious story is amusing to read, but also reminds us that we need to always be aware while we are travelling, because who knows what is illegal in some countries.






What do you think of my April picks? Which is your favourite?


  1. says

    Nice work, Jade. I especially liked Raymond’s LegoLand post, which made me laugh. I’m not often interested in stories on big-time tourist traps, but I liked that his post approached it from a unique perspective. Must have missed Samuel’s post while traveling, so I’ll read that one next!

  2. says

    Thanks for including my post about the flooding in the Atacama Desert. It is amazing what does not get coverage internationally. Same thing happened when I was in Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine was on fire. That story eventually reached the international media after a few days.

    Enjoyed the other posts in your roundup too.

    • says

      Thanks Stephanie… and thanks for posting about these sort of things. We need to make people more aware of some of the things happening in the world around us

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