Best and Worst of the UK

By James Cook

The Best.

1. Free Healthcare

If you get injured in the UK you do not have to pay to go see a doctor. That is hands down the best thing about my country. They could change a lot of things about Britain but as long as the healthcare remains free I don’t think I would mind to much. Its just so much more civilized, to know that if you get hurt you don’t have to worry about whether you have enough money to go see a doctor. You can just go.

2. Public transport

Our public transport system is second to none. In our capital we have an extensive system that manages to combine the underground with a bus network and a train system. If you are going more long distance you can opt for a train to pretty much anywhere. And if you book enough in advance it will be quite cheap. There are also many inter city bus companies, this drives the price down on long distance buses (I once got from Bristol to London for £12!). If you want to go to mainland Europe it could not be easier as you can go via train through the channel tunnel, by a ferry from Dover or fly. If you chose to fly we have 2 budget airlines which have both proved to be godsends! Ryan air and Easyjet I salute you!

3.Our culture

Britain’s culture is very rich. Mainly because we are working with a country that is made up of 4 other countries, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This gives us 4 times the cultural diversity of a normal country and the proof is in one of the many art galleries or museums that we have. Most of which are free to get in!

4. The nightlife

London’s nightlife is incredible. Its kind of hard to put into words. Just go try it. You will have fun. Lots of fun.


The worst.

1. Booking ahead

Whilst I mentioned how cheap public transport is in the UK, failure to book ahead (especially on the trains) can leave you getting stung and paying way over what you should.

2.Britain is not famous for its cuisine

Apart from Fish and Chips and the good old sunday roast Britain is lacking in the culinary department. Especially when you compare us to some of our European neighbours. Take Italy, they invented Pizza, Pasta and Ice Cream. Compare that to the heart attack inducing “Full English Breakfast” so often served up in greasy cafes around the world and I am sure you will agree that Italy wins

3.The weather

Britain’s weather is grey. The stereotype of it raining a lot is true and summer comes and goes all to quickly. In recent years we have also been getting copious amounts of snow which has succeeded in bringing f our infrastructure to a halt and generally surprising people.


Thanks to football (the real kind not the American kind) we have a hooliganism culture that has sprung up. Its tribal in nature and violent clashes between rival football club gangs (or Firms) is common place.



  1. says

    I had no idea there was free health care. In fact, when I was there last month I had to get some abnormal moles surgically removed from my back pronto, so even though I’m traveling and currently have no health insurance it was necessary to get it taken care of. The doctor asked multiple times if I had health insurance and was surprised that I didn’t, then I had to pay for the entire procedure out-of-pocket.

    I totally agree with you about the weather, though. =P

  2. says

    Hey! That is weird that you had to pay for it! I am Canadian and I lived in the UK for about a year and a half and I never once paid for health care there. I had a work visa so I think I was entitled to health care anyway, but they never asked to see any documentation ever.

  3. Queenie says

    Free health care is basically an old system from the past that had been established and as well as promulgate by some public servant to promote health and wellness as a citizen of a certain country needs of. It’s basically their pattern of returning the favor that we once had for them and now that they’re on power it’s their time to give back the favor and as well as compensate for the task that we had to pay each year.


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