Our 2012 Travel Goals

Travel Goals of 2012

2011 was pretty exciting for us at OurOyster.com. We spent most of the year in New Zealand – a place which Jade has been wanting to travel to for years now! Jade also got the chance to go to Malaysia and meet some members of her family who she had never met before. At the end of 2011, we moved to Australia and now are living in sunny Brisbane. However, we are not planning to be settled for that long, and dreams of busses and trains are dancing in our heads.

 So in anticipation for the coming year we have decided to outline some of our travel goals for 2012. Like all goals, we may not meet them all, but we will surely try!

And in the spirit of the amazing travel blogging community that we have found here, we would like to include a request. Have you blogged about these destinations, or do you know someone who has? Let us know about it in the comments so we can use these amazing blogging resources to helps us reach our goals!


Great Australian adventure! Details of the upcoming Australian adventure will be released in the coming months. We are planning something grand and we hope you will all come along for the ride with us!

 High up on our Australian travel goals are:

  • Great Barrier Reef – I really want to spend some time snorkelling in this area!
  • Uluru – If possible we would like to spend some time camping in the Outback and learning about traditional Australian aboriginal culture.
  • Coober Pedy – A town in the outback which lives completely underground! It’s just too wacky, we have to go!
  • Perth – Everyone I have met raves about this lovely west coast city, so we decided we have to see it for ourselves.


Photo of Uluru

Iconic image of the Australian outback – CC jovannig1967

Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands – Travel to pacific islands isn’t cheap, even on this side of the world! But we feel like visiting a few of these tropical paradise islands is too good of an oppurtunity to give up. I really want to spend some time on Tonga and Samao, and I would also love to visit Vanuatu, but these details will be decided by the bank account as well as by flight routes.


The start of the great Asian adventure! When we leave Australia we want to spend several months travelling through Asia. We plan to start in Papua New Guinea, and from there move north. Bu the end of the year we should have completed our visit to Papua New Guinea as well as part of our Indonesian adventure!

And of course, with goals, some resolutions!

So now that you know our travel goals, lets get down to our travel resolutions.


Another resolution: Pack less! Just look at the size of this monster!

Australian resolutions

  • Take care to learn about and respect Aboriginal culture in Australia. James and I want to make sure that we can not only learn about Aboriginal culture in Australia, but also put some of our tourism (and tourism dollars) to good use in ways that are beneficial to the Aboriginal culture. Some ideas for achieving this goal are researching if there are tourism companies which are either run by Aboriginal communities, or who reinvest in Aboriginal communities. And making sure that when we buy art work or souvenirs, to ensure that the people producing these items are paid a fair wage. In order to meet this resolution, we will have to spend a bit more time researching our travel choices, but in the long run I think it will be more rewarding.

Pacific Island resolutions

  • Meet the locals. My idea of Pacific Islands include a lot of images of pre packaged resorts. The problem with these is that you often find yourself quite cut off from the “real world”. I want to make sure this does not happen to us when we visit the Pacific Islands, by making sure we spend some time in areas where local people congregate.

Asia resolutions

  • Get out of my food comfort zone! Whenever I travel in Asia, I often find that I spend almost more time eating Western comfort food than I do eating Asian food. Although it is important to be able to have comfort food every once in a while, I sometimes let it be a sort of “crutch”. Next time I am in Asia, I want to make sure I go outside of my food comfort zone. In the past I have found that doing cooking courses has helped me come to terms with local foods. In the new year, I want to try to do a cooking class in each new Asian country I visit.

We just want to thank everyone who has supported us, commented, shared, and spread the travel love with us over the past year. We hope we will see lots more of you all in the next year of travel adventures at OurOyster.com


  1. says

    Uluru is highly over-rated – your chance of reaching “real” locals there are next to nil – almost anywhere else in the NT would be better for culture and rocks ! Kings Canyon “nearby” (in Aussie terms) is much more spectacular!

    I regret not getting to Melville and other islands off shore from Darwin – now those are really locally owned and operated. Also anywhere up Cape York – so long as you don’t go on a tour – will be at least partly locally run (except for Weipa which is a company town)

    Coober Pedy is cool – but I wouldn’t have appreciated its “big town” feel if I hadn’t spent weeks getting to from Broken Hill via Birdsville and the outback tracks.

    • says

      Noted!! I have heard that Uluru can be disappointing but it is just one of those things I feel I must see! I’ll probably only be in Australia once in my lifetime so have to make the most of it! Im certainly going to put Kings Canyon down on the list of things to do though.

      Those are great tips about the offshore islands – Im definitely going to look into that some more!

  2. says

    Exciting year!! We’re keen to visit the Pacific islands as well. I’ve been drooling over photos of Samoa recently. I see some good deals visa Flight Center now and then, but it is a pricier visit than SE Asia. Hope you guys have a happy 2012 and that all your travel dreams come true!!

    • says

      Thanks Bobbi! Pacific Island are definitely not cheap! And since I am all about budget travelling and saving money – it is going to be a real break from my usual travel style to go to the Islands. I really want to visit Tonga and Samoa…. they just seem like such interesting places – and so different from other places I have been. Have a great 2012 as well!

    • says

      First thing now is to safe enough money to get over there! Despite Australia being relatively close, the fights to the islands are definitely not in the budget category!

  3. Alasdair Cook says

    Coober Pedy…..saw that on Disney Channel with he kids once….it’s so hot there you can fry eggs on the concrete……give it a go James and let us know how your cooking expertise is…..Perth soundsgreat asdoes the Barrier Reef…..sounds like a busy year ahead…..looking forward to all your ravel stories……..Take care, The NZ Cooks

  4. says

    When we lived in New Zealand, the kids and I island-hopped in the Pacific for a bit. We were in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. I remember we got a pretty good deal on flights with Air Pacific and Polynesian, so it wasn’t very expensive. That was quite a few years ago, though – so don’t know how that is today…

  5. says

    Hey guys,

    I spent a bit of time travelling in Asia in 2010 and ate local 95% of the time. Was the greatest culinary experience and helped to avoid spending to much time wrapped up in the usual tourist traps. Recommendations are for local food haunts to check for a food standard rating. Even the littlest eatery should have one and it gives a guide to the hygiene standard of a place. The other tip is to check which places are full of locals. If the locals eat there it must be good!! I did eat at street corner vendors and market stalls with no problems, but it can just be luck of the draw.
    Hope this helps and look forward to reading about your travels :)

    • says

      Thanks for the comment Emma! I totally agree about food vendors – it is hit and miss sometimes – but I had pretty good luck when I was in Asia in 2008. My partner got food poisoning a few times, but we can’t be sure where exactly it came from. Luckily, by being vegetarian, I managed to avoid getting sick in Asia. I think that was half the battle. :)

  6. says

    I’ve got to say – I LOVED the Pacific Islands! We saw them in what I think was the best way possible – as volunteer crew on a boat. Greg and I had 2 different boats that we traved to more than 20 Polynesian islands on. It was the best experience ever. If it is at all possible for you to do this, I cannot recommend it highly enough. We’ve got a section on our blog called “How to Crew” that may help you figure out how you can do it.

    Good luck in 2012!

  7. says

    Wow–you’ve picked some intriguing destination points! It inspires me to continue to pursue my travel dreams. I’m currently preparing for a trip to Austria this summer and I’ll definitely steal some of your tips. I haven’t booked my flight yet; do you have any particular airlines you prefer? Thanks!

    • says

      I always go for the most budget option so that I have more money to spend on experiences during my trip. Im not sure what airline I would reccommend, since I don’t know where your departure city is :)


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